Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Montezuma Bowl Closing Today

As good as most of Columbine and Shining Light still are, today is going to be the last day for Montezuma Bowl this season. The snow in the lowest 10% of the bowl is just too wet to groom and take care of. The snowcats simply cannot climb uphill on the steeper pitches. Without that groomer maintenance, the thin, wet areas just don't hold up any longer. Yesterday I was amazed how many people were back there enjoying the spring/summer conditions. The bowl opened December 27 this season and we enjoyed a fun, long season skiing the steeps and groomers. Montezuma Bowl is so different from the rest of the ski area that it has really added another dimension to The Basin. While it has been open for eight seasons now, it still feels like a new and exciting experience for me every time I go back there.

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David Budd said...

Definitely a good decision. As much fun as it was to ski it today, it was getting a touch thin in places, especially near the lift base. Better safe than sorry. GREAT day today and an awesome way to finish off my season!