Friday, June 5, 2015

YTD Snowfall 338 Inches

By the end of May, Arapahoe Basin had received 338 inches of snow. This is 98% of average snowfall based on our records going back to 1978. On paper this indicates a very average snow season. As we all know, this season was anything, but average. November and December saw great snowfall, January and March had light snowfall and warm temperatures, February and April saw "average" snowfall and, as well all know, May saw fantastic spring snowfall.

All and all, this makes for an "average" snowfall season - more like an amalgamation of extremes.  I commonly tell people that in Colorado average snowfall means great skiing.

This photo was not taken today


Anonymous said...

Please allow the park crew to put the long down rail back in! We would all appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

This season was a roller coaster for sure. It had it's up and downs. Overall, mid winter snowfall was not consistent and there were VERY long snow droughts. Temps were also not consistently very cold so it made for some wet snow events much earlier in the season than normal and some storms did not realized their full, snow-making potential due to temps being just a bit too warm. Even so, considering how bad the winter out west was, Colorado faired the best of all states out west and there were a lot of good days to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I had a blast riding pali and hiking (not as much hiking as I hoped) nevertheless. It was amazing the number of people I met from MN in the lifts this season

Anonymous said...

We love you, Al!