Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Pallavicini Lift Opens Friday

It is true, Pali Lift is opening for the season this Friday, November 27. Happy Day After Thanksgiving. From the top of the lift skiers and riders can access West Wall, South Chute, Slalom Slope, North Chute, Upper Powderkeg, Grizzly Road and Radical. 

The forecast for the weekend has unsettled weather. We may see a bit of snow. With "THE LIFT" open, our Ski Patrol has even easier and faster access to the North Side. Their avalanche work will continue and intensify. Depending on what we see for snowfall, we may see some public skiing in more and steeper places like 13 Cornices and Standard. Keep your eyes and ears open. More fun is coming. 


Anonymous said...

Camping - I know this is going to open the floodgates of criticism, but A-Basin has gotten so creative lately with the moonlight dinners, concerts, and things like the Pro Challenge - I'll put it out there.

Would you ever consider one or two "winter camping" events during the winter. Something where dinner could be served in the 6th Alley, the bar could stay open to a reasonable hour (10:30 pm) and people could camp and wake up the next day and shred?

It seems that it isn't impossible (ie. was permitted back in day, Cycling Challenge, etc). I know some of these have been phased out (things like the 24 hrs. of Keystone), but they are also pretty awesome if added in moderation. I feel an event or two like that in the winter could be a blast and something that sets the Basin apart.

SkiNurse said...

I think your idea is brilliant! Especially if it is done during the week for us anti-weekend ski people!

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Littleton. And Happy Thanksgiving to you and your crew. Lb

Anonymous said...

Can't think it would ever be done on a weekday. I feel like an event like that would sellout on the weekend and allow for some additional food/beverage revenue. Lord, it would be fun. Probably mostly RVs and camper vans, but I'm sure a few bold folks would tent camp it.