Thursday, November 5, 2015

Park Features

Here is a photo that PJ of the Park Crew took yesterday. That is a cool C-Rail feature on the right. There is also a double tower tube feature just out of the picture to the left. These four features will be in the Park this weekend. I am hearing the riders out there are having some fun.


aljex said...

Hey Al, you should change the 411 page.


Arapahoe Basin is CLOSED for the 2014-15 ski and ride season. THANK YOU for 237 outstanding days on the mountain!

2015-16 Season passes are now on sale.

Anonymous said...

looks good thanks! I'll be up there this weekend

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting! Good to see that you guys have a park! (Keystone A51's facebook page says they weren't able to unfortunately) I'll be up there tomorrow to check it out!