Friday, November 13, 2015


Today the Upper Mountain was simply paradise. The snow is really good. There was not a cloud in the sky. The grooming and snowmaking were superb. It was fun being up there with my co-workers while everyone was getting ready for tomorrow's Lenawee opening. This season we have made a little less snow on the Upper Mountain than we have made for previous openings, but we have had a lot more natural snow. Conditions are good. Mother Nature was very kind.


Alvaro Rodriguez said...

Super awesome!. Had a chance to ski A Basin on Thursday afternoon. Snow was great!

RalfW said...

Are you going to blow more snow up high? Just wondering if the smaller man-made base might thin out faster in the spring??

And ... you guys do awesome work. See ya'll Dec 11. And many more days this season!

Anonymous said...

Where do the snow guns move to next? Norway Face, Lenawee Park, West Wall. What is range of snow making equipment? I know Pali and Montezuma can't be reached.

See you mid December.

Anonymous said...

Its funny that a month ago people were complaining. Must have been their first year in Colorado