Tuesday, January 19, 2016

And More Snow

We had a couple of more inches of new snow again at report time today. It has probably snowed a couple more inches since then. Wednesday is looking pretty good for even more. This storm has been very good to us. You have to think the East Wall is getting closer. And we know how great the skiing is all over especially on Pali and in Montezuma Bowl.

Enjoy this morning's view from the Zuma Cornice.


Anonymous said...

Obviously the east wall takes a lot of time, snow, work, and avalanche control. How is it looking for below the traverse? Land of giants is some of my favorite terrain in the state!

Anonymous said...

I am hoping for Willie's wide like last year. Snorkel nose and booger are next in my list :-}

Mohrmann Studios said...

With more snow...when will you have east wall open