Thursday, January 28, 2016

Elephant's Trunk

Montezuma Bowl offers some fun, exploratory, off the beaten track experiences. One of the hidden treats is Elephant's Trunk. This trail is on the very far Western edge of the Bowl. You can access the area by skiing Zuma Cornice and bearing right every chance you get (while still staying inside the ski area). It takes a little while to get to, the vertical is less than other places and there is a long traverse back to the lift. That said, it can have some really fun skiing when the timing is right.

I skied it yesterday and the snow was soft and the coverage was good. Looking towards the weekend, we may have a good storm heading our way. Several inches of new snow on top of what is already there would create ideal Elephant's trunk conditions. After a few powder day laps in MGD and West Zuma, think about heading this way.


John Kirkman said...

I can confirm this is the case. One of my top five powder runs all time was in the gladed area just past and under the elephants trunk. Another thing to mention about the trunk is the amazing view looking to the west. It's a thin little strip there - go slow and enjoy the view.


Anonymous said...

Dang! We are moving this weekend. On the upside, our new commute to the basin is 35+ minute shorter :-}

Nick Esker said...

C'mon Al, quit giving away all my favorite stashes. They won't be always untracked anymore when we get to them if ya keep this up :)