Saturday, January 30, 2016

First East Wall Opening

Friday we saw our first public skiing on the East Wall this season. It was a small, limited start with really good conditions. With a snowy forecast, we should have plenty more to come. Oh yeah, kudos to the Ski Patrol.


filmschooltraitor said...

I was so close to getting to rip this. We were standing at the beginning of the traverse about to drop down when ski patrol got a call for a major accident. We had to turn back with small tears running down my face. I hope the person injured is ok. Also thank you to the ski patrol for prioritizing this persons health over my giddiness to ski the east wall. However, damn I was so close. :(

Mark Matis said...

One more time:

Go Packers!

Stomp that East Wall!

Chris Perkins said...

What are those piles at the bottom of the wall for?