Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Sasha, our new avalanche puppy, is growing so fast it is downright scary. She is doing well with basic commands and some of the introductory dog drills like finding people hiding in holes in the snow. Some people think she is kind of cute. Sasha spends most of her days training her owner and Ski Patroller Greg Dumas how to be an Avalanche Dog Handler.

On another note, my last run of the day was 3rd Bowl on Pali (just right of The Spine). IT WAS BUFFED !!!! 

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alex said...

What an incredibly beautiful Shepard!! We, unfortunately had to put our longhaired GSD down 6 months ago, she was 12 yrs. old and it was time to let her go with dignity. We now have new joy in our home, a shorthair Shepard named Otto! Sasha reminded me of our passed girl, I'm sure she will make an awesome avalanche dog, the breed is so smart!!!