Sunday, April 17, 2016

25 Inches So Far

This has been an extraordinary Spring storm. Yes, we received 25 inches of new snow the last two days. I know Saturday was rough for some people. I apologize to everyone that had planned to be here that day and was not able to enjoy the snow.

This morning we did open all lifts and most of the terrain. The skiing was tremendous, especially in those places favored by the storm. The Ski Patrol is hard at work getting the East Wall ready. Most importantly, this snow is really setting us up for an EVEN better (and longer) spring.  Great, great, great news.


Shane Sloan said...

We don't have snow in NY. NY sucks.

Anonymous said...

HECK YES! This is shaping up to be one great year of spring skiing at the Basin!

Anonymous said...

Moved to DC from Colorado. Going to need to move back to Colorado from DC. This blog keeps me going! Thanks!