Saturday, April 23, 2016

Willy's Wide

The Willy's Wide hike is drawing a lot of attention these days. The bottom image shows several people climbing the staircase. The views along the way and at the top are  exceptional. The skiing down isn't too bad either. The trail is named after former University of Denver Ski Team Coach, A-Basin Ski School Director, and Colorado Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame member Willy Schaeffler.


B said...

Who doesn't love the best stair master in the world up and steep high Rockies down? I would love for Abasin to somehow offer some way to record your skiing/boarding every named run of the East Wall. First one to complete them all gets handed a beer by patrol director. North and South Falls included gets a ride in the Sheriff's cruiser, or personal satisfaction of unknown accomplishment. Thanks for packing the way to the top!


Anonymous said...

Last thursday, I arrived late, as I was coming down WW I saw the patrol with a grin looking to close the gate. Finished the run as close to the stairs as possible and went back up. Worth every extra heartbeat.