Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Adding Up

The April snowfall is starting to add up. With 37 inches of snow since April 16 and 7 inches the last four mornings, conditions are steadily improving. The forecast Thursday through Saturday is looking pretty good and it is snowing right now. I see some more very good East Wall hiking sessions in our future as well as a lot of plain old good Colorado spring skiing.


Travis Opheim said...

I hiked East Wall today... It has great snow and was fun skiing!

Melissa Hansen said...

I ❤️ the East Wall. It is my playground. I absolutely love the terrain at A-Basin. Perfect for expert skiers that don't always want to ski bump runs. I don't do the hikes - just takes too much out of me, but I love the steeps and tree runs! I'm from the Midwest, lived here almost half my life now. I also love the "local" feel of A-Basin. Was there last Sunday - great ski day!! #eastwalladdict #iheartabasin