Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Early Avalanche Days - Dale Gallagher

Dale Gallagher was a pioneer and prominent US Forest Snow Ranger in the early days of ski area development. Dale Atkins shared this photo of Dale G taken February 5, 1961 by a Denver Post photographer. The image shows Dale G teaching an avalanche course at A-Basin. I had the pleasure of meeting Dale G a few times back in the late 80's shortly before he passed away. He was a wonderfully kind gentleman and spoke glowingly of his times at A-Basin in the 60's. His stories of early avalanche work were particularly fascinating. Much of the basic knowledge and understanding of avalanche mitigation was learned (often the hard way) by folks like him. We owe Dale Gallagher and his peers from that era so much.


Joseph Meyer said...

He sounds like Colorado's Monty Atwater.

Anonymous said...

Two dumb questions Al

1. What is the cost of Double Down for 16/17 and 17/18?

2. Totally trying to justify the Basin-only pass, but was hoping for something beyond Taos. Is the 16/17 totally in stone? Wishing something - Crested Butte or even something like a Utah resort (Alta/Snowbird) made the cut????

Anonymous said...

Random question, do you have any updates on the proposed beavers expansion? I know there was an open house a month or so ago. This is some terrain I've always wanted to ski but it's so avy prone I haven't been able to venture over there.