Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekend Sunrise

The new webcam on the Summit continues to generate fantastic images. Here is Saturday's sunrise at 6:06 AM.


Roc said...

Been admiring the Divide Cam pics this season. Thanks! Now how about a 24 hr. time-lapse snow stake cam with clock, Temp. and lighting?

PZinDenver said...

Hi Al, please look into getting the Montezuma Hike back Terrain, specifically Lightning Trees, reopened for access. I was back there on Sunday and the snow was great, buffed to perfection with a few inches of fresh on top. Didn't cut the rope of course, but the upper area before you drop into the hike back area was in excellent shape and hardly tracked. As you know, the trees keep the snow in good shape back there, and with the upcoming snow forecast there will be some great lines all the way down to the catwalk hike back up. I would love a few good cardio walks back up to the lift after hitting that area this weekend! I would come talk to you about it personally, but, I know you're busy. Just a request, I understand ski patrol knows best and I follow the rules, but please check it out, Lightning Trees 1, 2, and 3. :)