Friday, April 22, 2016

Norway and a Carpool Reminder

I am not sure if Norway can look better than this. Again, kudos to the Snowcat Drivers.

I have another weekend carpool reminder. Sporadically through the season we will have a few very busy days. We had one last Sunday. Even on these big days, the mountain is still not that busy, but the parking can be limited. So, I  encourage folks on the weekends to carpool or ride the Summit Stage. The Stage will continue to run Saturdays and Sundays through May 29. On these days, I encourage people to arrive before 11 AM or after 1 PM.

And, tomorrow, Saturday, April 23, A-Basin is partnering with POW (Protect Our Winters) in the "Smart Wool for Smart Riders" program. The first 200 cars to arrive with three or more people in them will get a free pair of Smart Wool socks for each passenger. So, carpool, reduce parking challenges, get a free pair of socks and be kind to Mother Nature.


Aaron Nelson said...

Love A-bay, and love all you do for your guests and the environment!

Steve Myers said...

Alan- all the best to you lucky folks at the Basin! "Save the Powder" on This Earth Day and enjoy the great conditions....we are jealous here in NY! Great seeing you couple of weeks ago!

Anonymous said...

I really wish everyone that calls Arapahoe Basin "a-bay" would stop. "A-basin", "the basin", "the legend", "that mountain with that two person lift, I think it's called Pauly Shore" those are all better. The only thing worse is a-bay-bay.