Monday, January 8, 2018

Hike or Skin?

As of now, several hundred people have enjoyed skiing in The Beavers over the last couple of days. How you choose to travel the Steep Gullies Hike Back Trail is really a matter of personal preference. I think there are at least three different ways to do it.

1.  Some people just complete their ski, toss their skis or board over their shoulder and walk out. This takes no preparation at all. Most people are taking 20-30 minutes to make the hike. For me that is a little long to carry my skis on my shoulder. I imagine I will do this occasionally, particularly if I did not plan to make a Beavers lap. Lots of people do it this way.

2.  Some people are carrying a light pack and strapping the skis on the pack for the hike. This way, you can use your poles for walking instead using one hand to hold your skis. I did that a couple of times to today. It was nice and easy.

3.  The last way is to skin out. Skinning is very easy and enjoyable. You have to hassle with putting the skins on and off and you have to carry your skins. The extra process makes it a little longer than walking, but it is also the easiest travel model. 

The other factor to consider is clothing. A Beavers tour starts well above timberline in colder and windier conditions. It finishes with a 20-30 minute hike. You go from cold to sweaty. Having a pack to carry your coat and helmet and other gear is very nice.

The choice is really just a personal preference. There is no right or wrong. I will do #2 or #3 most of the time, mostly because I prefer to take a few extra minutes to make the journey more enjoyable.

This photo has nothing to do with today's post. It was just a great view from the top of The Face yesterday.


Anonymous said...

personally i'd recommend skinning out if you have the gear. thanks so much for working hard up there to get this stuff open. skiing it is a blast

KSA 1 said...

Looking forward to a nice leisurely walk in stunning surroundings

Anonymous said...

I think the skateboard technique will prove the fastest. One ski on, one off, no skins, walk the short "steep part".

David said...

I really enjoyed the natural state of the trails back there. I wish there wasn’t a lift going in next year 😕

Anonymous said...

Where are the Beaver Trail Status's? I'm unable to find these trails on the current Trail report.