Thursday, January 11, 2018

Time To Carpool Or Ride

With a few inches of new this morning, more snow expected tonight, limited openings in The Beavers and Montezuma Bowl on the verge of opening, The Basin is looking pretty good. The Martin Luther King weekend is almost here. I am anticipating some busy days and some parking challenges. I wanted to share a few tips to help your "arrival experience" be better. 

-Of course the best thing you can do is ride The Summit Stage (local bus). There is a free bus, The Swan Mountain Flyer, from Breckenridge to Keystone to Arapahoe Basin.

-If the bus doesn't work, seriously consider carpooling. Parking is not unlimited. With full lots, the mountain still skis really well. If we could reduce 10% of the cars on weekends, most of our parking challenges would go away. (our employees carpool or ride the bus on weekends)

-If you can't carpool, I suggest you either arrive very early OR sleep in, have a good brunch and show up for an afternoon session. Many people only ski in the mornings and lots of spots open up sometime after lunch. Do not arrive late morning or early afternoon on weekends. You may not find a parking spot.

With just a few adjustments to our schedules, we can avoid weekend parking issues.

Cool image in the 4th Alley.


Jordan said...


Is there any chance that we may get more paid parking next year (or maybe on weekends/holiday)? Since you've said before that y'all don't really have space to expand parking, and there is starting to be often parking congestion.

Although people will complain about being "priced out" if there is a charge for parking, parking fills up anyways at is it is, and people already can't rely on driving.

I know that, at least for me and my friends, we would rather pay $50 or so to park (no idea what a fair rate would be though) in the closer lots rather than ride the Summit bus (or Keystone bus in late season).
Taking the bus can easily add an hour of time to the trip, and due to that, we would rather pay ~$15 each than lose an hour of skiing to travel.

Kyle said...

If you'd like to spend $50 on a parking space Vail has plenty of options to accommodate. As someone who spends 50+ days at ABasin in a season (I'm far from the only one) I appreciate that I'm not shelling out over $2000 a season to use the parking facilities.

Anonymous said...

Jordan, charging for parking would turn A-Basin into a bit more of an elitest resort, where the rich can get close parking, while everyone else has to wait for a bus and get less skiing. That isn't what A-Basin is about.

Anonymous said...

Get off the Epic Pass. All parking and congestion problems immediately solved.

Anonymous said...

well said Al! I also like anonymous 2's suggestion...