Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Loafer Closed Thursday - Winch Cat

Loafer will be closed for most or all of the day Thursday. So far we have used the winch cat to groom the upper half of the trail. The lower half of the trail has some rolls and turns and steeper sections. It will be a little trickier to winch. Tomorrow our drivers will be doing some experimental winching and grooming in the daylight hours. With this as a new program, we wanted to have plenty of daylight to try it out for the first time. This will not be a regular practice, but we thought in this transitional Beavers season, a daylight endeavor would be appropriate. We definitely do not want people nearby as we do this.

There will still be plenty of skiing available on Davis, Bailey Brothers, Thick and Thin, Faceshot Gully, Steep Gullies and other places. Thanks for your patience.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I like that you are doing the splicing
and haul rope! I am excited to see it
Thanks AL and your group!
-Isaac S