Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day Off

I took the day off today.  This time of year that means Kay and I are skiing at The Basin.  We had an excellent day up there.  We caught up with several old friends on the lift and on the trail.  The skiing on Pali has become quite good.  Slalom Slope and The Nose were in great shape.  We took a spin in Montezuma Bowl.  Thanks to a bunch of hard work by the Ski Patrol, especially Louie, and the cat drivers, Larkspur was open top to bottom.  Several other patrollers were hard at work ski cutting and doing explosives work in MGD.  Somewhere in there we snuck a Philly Cheese Steak at BML.  All the forecasts are projecting a range of 4-10" of snow by the end of the day Monday.  About 6 PM it started snowing at my house.  If the forecast holds true, we will see sunny skies mid-week and another storm for the weekend.  You gotta' love March.

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