Friday, March 15, 2013

Snow Update

The last couple of days have been absolutely spectacular.  Today I wondered how far we were trending towards spring skiing.  Actually it was a great excuse to go skiing.  I covered a fair bit of ground skiing the North Side, Lenawee Parks, the Lower Mountain, and Montezuma Bowl.  I was on the backside from about noon until  1 PM.  Columbine was still winter snow top to bottom.  Black Bear was still winter snow.  Larkspur was still winter snow except the very bottom, what we call "Larkspur Fingers."  I found a little bit of soft spring snow on Lower Slalom Slope.  The last couple of days we had a cool wind blowing and most of the mountain still has winter snow.

So we have great winter conditions and is predicting 6-13" of snow for A-Basin over the weekend.  Our tremendous skiing is only going to get better.  

We will have to have an East Wall discussion some time next week.


Ryan said...

Conditions are looking really good up there. Keep up the good work and pray for snow! In terms of the East Wall, I just don't see it happening this year unless we break that magic 60 inch base.

Anonymous said...

In all seriousness why is the park scene so terrible up at the Basin this year?

I mean last year was terrible in terms of snow, but A-Basin still managed to get some jumps in and there were two separate parks...what gives? It makes little sense. I like the features in treeline, but there's been more snow this year, but weak park support. Any insight appreciated.

Alan Henceroth - COO and Vice President said...

The difference in the Terrain Parks between this year and last is all snowmaking. Last season followed a very big snow year which meant lots of water for snowmaking. This year followed a lean snow year and a dry summer. While we covered 95% of the trails we wanted to, we did not have enough leftover to build those bigger features in Park.

I don't think it is terrible.

Chris W. said...

I'm not much of a park guy so I don't know if it's terrible or not, but this is a very interesting point about how much of an area's snowmaking capacity is needed to create park features. Interesting that the consideration is not how much it has snowed in the current season, but in the previous season.

During the rather thin beginning to this season, I was skiing at a neighboring Summit Co. area that was struggling getting a decent amount of terrain open, but had about 50 guns going to create a super-pipe for an upcoming soda-pop-sponsored event. It occured to me that they could probably open up a whole lot more terrain if not for this. Someone on a lift told me how much water they used on this super-pipe, and while I forget the exact figure, I remember it was staggering.

I am all for terrain parks, but I have to tell you I really appreciate A-Basin concentrating their finite snowmaking resources on getting terrain covered first.

I wonder if semi-permanent (earthen, maybe) features that you just cover with a thin layer of snow, instead of making the whole thing out of snow, would be a viable alternative.

Anonymous said...

The park scene is not terrible, and really, if you are jonesing for a park, go to Breck or Keystoner. Ski the Basin for great terrain, trees, bowls...who cares about the park really.

Anonymous said...

It would be dangerous to groom any permanent man made structures.