Saturday, March 23, 2013

Skiing Through The Storm

Today was a bit challenging, a bit breezy, and a bit cold.  But, the skiing was really good.  I was able to tour Standard, International, West Wall, West Zuma Bowl, and a few other spots.  Warm clothes were handy.  The snow surface was outstanding.  Had a great visit at lunch time with a die hard A-Basin fan from Florida.  One of the best parts of my job is getting to meet so many good people from around the country and the world that enjoy and appreciate The Basin.

Chef Rybak and crew are gearing up for tonight's, "Dinner in Scandinavia."  I am looking forward to tonight's reindeer, cod, and other delicacies. After this meal, I ought to sneak in a extra skin or two this week.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your blog. Thanks for posting larger photos, much better than the smaller ones.

Chris W. said...

Yes it was a bit chilly, but my son and I had an absolute blast on Saturday. Great untracked powder in the trees of the 14ers, soft drops into Jump, and the top of standard was skiing better than I remember in probably 2 years.

It was one of those days that dealing with the harsh "high alpine environment" of the Basin is definitely worth it. Looks like this week we'll have an oportunity to enjoy it in one of its more hospitable moods!