Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Zuma Cornice - Jump

I had another just incredible afternoon skiing at The Basin.  I toured around a fair bit and took 3 "Last Runs" on The Spine, my all time favorite run anywhere.  The wind has been kind there.  The other really spectacular spot I visited was out Zuma Cornice to Jump.  Skiing on top of the ridge, the 360 degree views are really cool.  There are extraordinary vistas of Independence and Santa Fe Mountains.  I dropped into Jump which is probably the steepest line in Montezuma Bowl.  The upper portion was wind buffed smooth and the lower portion wasn't quite packed, but it wasn't quite chowder either.  Good skiing.

Jump is named after Larry Jump, a 10th Mountain Division soldier and the first President and founder of A-Basin.


Anonymous said...

Any time frame on the east wall? Will it open this year?

Ryan said...

All depends on hitting that magic 60 inch base. If the base can stay above 50 inches this week, then we will probably have the ammunition to get up to the 60 inch base. The first 2 weeks of April are looking very stormy, especially after the latest model runs on the Euro & GFS models.