Wednesday, March 27, 2013

East Wall

The big question is not "Will the East Wall open?"   The big question is "When will the East Wall open?"  We have had about 10 feet of snow the last two months.  Right now there is enough snow to open The East Wall.  Yes, there are still some rocks out there.  The forecast for the next week and more is very unsettled and will likely bring more snow.

The Ski Patrol has spent a great deal of time out there.  The East Wall avalauncher has been shot extensively.  There have been multiple routes done in North Pole, The Tree Chutes, and along The Traverse.  Numerous slides have covered rocks down low.    Our situation now is continued and aggressive snow management.  While I cannot say when it will open, I can say it will open.  The Patrollers will continue to do what they do.  The time is coming.  Be patient.  I see a really good spring on The Wall.


Anonymous said...

Basin will be going strong in 2 weeks when everyone else is closing up

Matt Little said...

hey Al you should give the avid blog readers a heads up for the opening of the East Wall/North Pole...I'm sure we would ditch any previous commitments if we knew when it was opening! :)

Matt Little said...

Hey Al you should let the avid blog readers know in advance when you guys are planning on opening the East Wall/North pole...I'm sure we would ditch any previous commitments to come shred! :)