Sunday, March 24, 2013

Terrain Park Expansion

With all the new snow, Terrain Park Manager Matt Hauke and his crew have been able to expand the Treeline Terrain Park.  In particular, they added several new features including the Rainbow Rail and Up Down Box.  Great for spring riding.  If spring ever comes. I am hoping for another month or two of winter.

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Anonymous said...

Part of the issue with the park comes down to slope. I'm not saying the rockstars can't combine the features, but the pitch in the middle leaves some speed issues for combining features...especially for the intermediate or beginning rider.

I love skiing up there, but the park situation this year has honestly been a bit lacking. I think treeline has been ok, but do wonder why the other park (forget the name) didn't spring up. Seems there was enough mountain for the most part -- maybe under BME, like last year or where High Noon and Sundance merge (like early season?)

Hopefully this is seen as constructive criticism more than random bitching.

To say something positive about A-Basin...I'll just say "everything else!" It is a great mountain and a great experience! Had a blast up there yesterday under cloudless skies. Looking forward to many more great beach days!