Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More Terrain in Zuma

We have had 18" of snow the first 5 days of March.  After several very snowy days, today is a stellar bluebird day and sunny skies are expected Wednesday and Thursday.  We should see another storm for the weekend.  This morning we opened a big chunk of terrain in Montezuma Bowl that included Black Bear, Long Chute, Max, Groswold, Durrance, and Upper Zuma Cornice.  I can verify that the morning powder skiing and sunshine were excellent.


Anonymous said...

Hey Al, i'm guessing there is a reason for this, but it would be cool if the zuma cam was rotated right so we can see some of the cornice..

Chris W. said...

Great news! Unfortunately I'm gooing to miss the gnarly pow this weekend, but I look forward to dropping in soon!