Sunday, April 26, 2015

Another Sunday Stroll

We had 4 inches of new snow overnight. We had a little lull in the morning and about 10 AM it started snowing again. Kay and I were there almost first thing (10 minutes late). We took a few spins on the North Side and then she dragged me up the Willy's Staircase three times. We skied Willy's Wide, Snorkelnose, and Corner Chute. It was all good and Corner Chute was incredible. Soft, lightly tracked, bottomless. Pretty cool.

It is still snowing heavily. The forecast for tonight is still very promising. I think Monday morning is going to be the BIG POWDER DAY of this storm. I'll be there when Pali opens.

  A Sunday Stroll


jm020 said...

Hey Al,
I met you and your wife at the top of willys right after they opened it yesterday..we ended up skiing down willys first then hiking back up and took your advice to head to corner chute. That was some absolutely incredible skiing!! Hoping to get one or 2 more runs in before heading into the office this am!

Thanks again,

Alan Henceroth - COO and Vice President said...

You bet Jon. I might see you there again this morning.

Dan Scannura said...

Saw you in the main hut by the gift shop Saturday and I wanted to say hi but you disappeared quick! We took Willy's staircase to snorklenose on Saturday and even then it was great. North Pole chutes yesterday were fun as well. Thanks for the updates!