Thursday, April 16, 2015

Successful Enduro

Turned out to be a great Enduro. The skiing was better than expected. There were plenty of happy participants. A 9-year old skied 57 runs.

The apres' ski event in The 6th Alley was a huge hit. The place was packed. The fund raising elements for Maddie and various cancer foundations were successful (not sure we have counted it all up yet). Maddie spoke to the crowd and there were not very many dry eyes when she was done. I think everyone there felt really good about being part of this community.

.............And it has started snowing.


Sequoia Dan said...

Would have loved to have been there! Ever thought of having a webcam on the Enduro? Would like to see it "live", while sitting in the Midwest!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the picture of team # 34, Ice Lightning! Great time, great memories, including memories on photos!

Magda who endured and proud!