Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Leading Edge

Interesting storm coming our way. Today was a very warm and very good day of spring skiing at The Basin. After work, I skinned up High Noon and Griz Ridge to the Top of Pali. The blue skies were gone. The leading edge of the storm was over The Basin. It was windy and dark clouds were rolling in. Looking West I had that brooding sense of seriously changing weather. The forecast models are all over the place. We are going to get somewhere between a little and a whole lot of snow. I have emailed with meteorologists John Snook and Joel Gratz about the storm. I have read every forecast I can get my hands on. I even caught an interview on 9News with an NWS meteorologist about this storm. There is one common theme, "It is going to snow a lot...........somewhere." This should be very interesting for somebody. I hope it is us.

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