Monday, April 20, 2015

Two More Hikes

This might sound a little repetitive, but my daughter dragged me out on The Wall for two more hikes today. We went through The North Pole Gate and hiked to the Narrow North Pole entrance. The ridgeline was rocky and you had to hike where you normally can traverse on skis. We dropped into East Vertical Cornice and it was just dreamy. Great skiing and totally the opposite of the rocky ridge top. We followed that with a Willy's hike and a Booger ski. Just perfect. I was too whooped and had to bail, but she did another Willy's hike and skied Corner Chute. She said I really blew it by bailing.

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James Stephens said...

Well you both have my admiration. I was very happy to be out Monday From about 10:30am to 1:30pm and had an amazing time. I did not hike up the wall. I was planning on it but after trying to go as far west as I could in Montezuma I ended up getting scraped up on some rocks and I lost my nerve for my first East Wall hike. I did find fresh powder and a few amazing turns on the far east side of the bowl. I also got some pictures of some sort of animal tracks! Also for my first time on the lower part of the East Wall and I have to say Wow. I was a little bummed to find out the west side of the bowl will be closed for the season since It was my favorite area but the Features below the East Wall were fantastic! Loving the Legend!