Monday, May 25, 2015

Brewfest Was A Hit

The weather was great. The music was great. The beer was great. The skiing was great. North Pole was great. WOW, what a beautiful day. This was our biggest Festival of the Brewpubs yet. Eleven breweries shared their beverages. Up on The Perch (deck above the bar) we tried something new offering a intimate package of beer tasting and food. Funky Johnson had the crowd wrapped around their finger. Thanks to all our friends and the A-Basin staff that made this happen.

It was fun !!!!


Dave said...

Had a blast Sunday. We were there to ski, so we departed at 1:30. Couldn't believe how good the snow quality was for late May. Best I've seen it Memorial Day weekend.

Stephen Pavone said...

Hello! we skied two new (for me) lines between 2nd notch and west vertical on Sunday. They were accessed off a bootpack directly skiers right of the 2nd notch straight line. The first was basically an alternative entrance into 2nd notch and the second was an incredibly fun, tight chute that paralleled and eventually terminated into west vertical....Do these runs have names? Just curious, I don't see them on the east wall map. THANKS!

Turbos Mom said...

Steve, it was cool to see people in the 2nd Notch to west vertical zone. The wet heavy snow we got stuck in places that I don't think I've ever seen filled in on the wall. Not sayin I've seen it all, but it looked really really good up there in the late spring !