Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hidden Chute

A few weeks ago I received some blog comments and questions about Hidden Chute. Hidden is a short, double fall line chute on the North side of Little Lenawee Peak. The snow in there can be fantastic, but with its Southeast exposure it gets crusty quickly. Many years ago we opened the area briefly. Operationally, it was very difficult to manage. We ended up doing some big cliff rescues. The area is either cliffs or scree and we had numerous issues with skiers triggering rockfall and wreaking havoc on other skiers down below. In the end, we decided the challenges made it too difficult to keep open. While it is a very cool place, we focused more of our energy getting North Pole, Willy's Wide and all the other great hiking open sooner. The Ski Patrol wanders in there a fair bit doing avalanche work to reduce the chance of slides coming down on The Traverse. I don't think I have been in there since my Ski Patrol days.

Hidden Chute (left) and Little Hidden Chute (right)


Anonymous said...

While i don't like it, I understand the concerns about rock fall. I think the east wall is some of the coolest skiing in the country. Could you explain the history behind some of the other runs? Like has Jet Chute actually been skied? And what conditions are required to get TJs back open?

Anonymous said...

I actually had the pleasure of being chased by a boulder down 2nd notch earlier this season, and it kept rolling all the way down to the willows. I can only imagine what the skiing on the hidden chutes must be like haha. I don't know that it sounds very fun.