Thursday, May 28, 2015

Terrain Update

I have been receiving many terrain questions. While you can find detailed information about open and closed terrain on our website, this is my best estimate about what skiers and riders can expect for now:

Sad News

Pali Lift and the North Side is closed for the season.

The East Wall is closed and its re-opening is doubtful.

Zuma Bowl from Black Bear to the West including Lower Larkspur is closed for the season.

Happy News

Columbine and Shining Light in East Zuma Bowl are open and we will try and keep that open through June 7.

Nearly all of the Upper Mountain from the Cornice Run to the East Wall Boundary is open.

The Lower Mountain from Ramrod to Wrangler is open.

Extended Season

Upon re-opening June 12, Black Mountain Express and Lenawee Mountain Chairlifts will be open. The skiing still remains outstanding, especially in areas receiving heavy compaction like the groomers. Interestingly, we (especially me) spend much of the season trying to ski in areas that see the least use. Ironically, as we get into these summer conditions, the best snow is often found in areas with the very heaviest use, like the groomers.

I hope this helps answer many of the questions I have been receiving.


Dave said...

Great news regarding East Zuma Bowl staying open for the time being. Helps spread the crowd onto a lot more acreage. Looking forward to another visit on Saturday after an amazing day last Sunday. Should be very warm & sunny. Sometimes ski, then Beach, then rinse and repeat make for some of the best late spring days. Bring on Lake Reveal.

Anonymous said...

thank you all. Between terrain, long season, and PEOPLE, it is hard to go somewhere else.

Blake g said...

Thanks for the update! Got my first summer skiing ever last Tuesday and Wednesday and it was great. Zuma was great and the best skiing was to be found under Norway lift far skier left! Somehow it felt like powder at about 3 pm on Thursday. The very bottom of mountain got very slushy when it rained a little at end of day.

Best mountain ever. . Ski the summer!