Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bluebird Day

Sometimes I wonder how many more of these perfect Colorado, cloudless, blue sky days that I can take.  You know, I think I can take a lot more of them.  My first choice of weather is always a big snow day.  My second choice is just like this.  The days have been stunningly beautiful.  The sky is so blue, it doesn't even seem real.  The last few days I spent a lot of time with folks enjoying the holiday.  Pretty cool.

The skiing isn't too bad either.


Anonymous said...

Bluebird day: a sunny beautiful day following a snow storm the previous night..
Al..... Correction, it was a sunny day. Bluebird is term for a sunny powder day. I thought you worked in the industry long enough to know that.
With the current forecasts, doesn't appear we will have a "bluebird" day anytime soon..

Anonymous said...

"Whatever" is what I have to say to the previous fun wrecker's post.