Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pika Place Open

Many skiers go through an intensive transition in "Ski Life."  They go from skiing all day on Pali, many days a week, to spending brief spurts on Molly Hogan teaching the kids to ski.  If the skier is lucky, she trades off ski time with her spouse and spends 1/2 the time of Pali and 1/2 the time of Molly. Watching more and more of us go through this transition, it becomes apparent we need to enhance the experience for the "wee" ones and especially for their parents.  Pika Place is now open.  It is a great place for anyone to get started with the sport.  It is an especially great place for kids to get started.


SpongeBobFan said...

I totally shredded Pika Place today! Total steeze top to bottom

Chris W. said...

That can be a tough transition. I remember several days of gazing longingly up at Pali as I skied switch down Wrangler, imploring my son to "keep turning!"

But it is a very worthwhile investment of time. Now I have a ski partner who can hang with me on Pali, and who inspires me to keep in shape to stave off the inevitable day he beats me to the bottom!

Adrienne Saia said...

My 25-year-old friend took her first snowboarding lesson with Paige on Pika Place this past Saturday. Great spot for kids of all ages to start!