Sunday, November 25, 2012

Randonee Dinner

Last night we had another great feast at Black Mountain Lodge.  It was the Night in Bavaria Randonee Dinner.  We have come to expect extraordinary food and music.  Leon Littlebird did his thing with flutes and the guitar.  Chef Rybak and crew did what they do best.  Bacon wrapped pheasant, North Atlantic cod, roast pork, dill potato soup, Black Forest cake, and apple pancakes just to name a few.

Everything was awesome.  The skin up was especially cool.  While not quite full, the moon was really bright and the mountains just glowed.  I love being out in those conditions.  Where else can you ski or snowshoe in to such an amazing feast.  Very cool.

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Anonymous said...

That pig looked awesome on the smoker yesterday Al, got a sneek peek while drinking my bacon bloody. Cheers!