Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Ski Magazine

There is a very nice article in the November issue of Ski Magazine.  Titled "10 Best Mountains You've Never Skied," the piece is actually a series of articles on great mountains that don't fit the big, glitzy destination resort definition.  A-Basin is featured and is in good company with Fernie, Kirkwood, Powder Mountain, and several others.  The Arapahoe section was written by Heather Hansman who has spent a lot of time sliding aorund The Basin.  I saw the hard copy version, but could not find it online.  I am sure it is out there somewhere.  If you know where to find it, send me the link.  I think A-Basin skiers will like Heather's story.


Mike holm said...

Just read it. I get the mag. It's right on too--got vertigo during a white out staggering along the Zuma cornice. Lucky for me this person dropped in by me so I could follow her and get some bearing. She had some exquisite moves. The kind of moves that make where was I.

Chris W. said...

That was a great write-up. When I saw the cover story, I was really hoping that A-Basin had made the list and I thought the article perfectly encapsulated all the things that make A-Basin great.

Also, in the same series, a quote from the article on Fernie stood out for me. It was talking about a recent expansion that had opened up previously hike-to terrain to lift service. I offer this excerpt without comment:

"Anywhere else, that kind of expansion would unleash harsh criticism and resistance from selfish locals and long-timers. 'There was no resistance,' says [Fernie's general manager]. Around the mountain and in town, you get a sense that Fernie's 5,000 residents truly embrace one another and welcome guests. People want to share the raw experience here. It's not about 'Ah, everyone's going to poach my lines.' it's about 'Wow, I get to share this great place with everyone.'"

Alan Henceroth - COO and Vice President said...

Great observation Chris. Fernie is one of those extra special places.

Anonymous said...

For those who haven't read the story, here is a link:


Alan Henceroth - COO and Vice President said...

Thanks Magda