Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Website

We have a new website.  While most of you went there first to access the blog, I know a few of you access the blog through Facebook.  Either way, please take some time and spin through the new site.  Our marketing group put a lot of time into the new look and order.  We are still making a few tweaks and fine tuning a couple things.  Let me know what you think.


Geo said...

Looks good - the old site was functional and not really outdated yet, but the new look is a) refreshing, and 2) a lot more modern looking. My only recommendations would be 1) more/better webcams, and b) more blogs! Seriously, I'm stuck here in Indiana without snow or any elevation changes and my mid-morning entertainment usually consists of checking the abasin site and your blog. Keep up the good work, and try not to let Minnesota beat you next year.

Alan Henceroth - COO and Vice President said...

Thanks Geo. I think you hit the nail on the head. People want to know what is going on and what the place looks like. Thanks for your feedback.

Anonymous said...

You're on the front page! I love the new look.

Matt said...


Looks good to me. I liked the old look too, but I think this will be a bit easier to navigate for a first time visitor.

One minor suggestion for the blog: Make the A-Basin button at the top left of the page go to the regular A-Basin website.

Personally, I have the blog bookmarked. If I want to go from the blog to the website, to look at the cams or look up other info, I have to manually type in, or create a seperate bookmark. So you can go from the regular website to the blog, but not the other way around. Seems like an easy and logical change to make, but maybe it is not.

Either way, the blog is great. Keep it up and post even more!


Dan said...

Love the new site! Looks very clean, modern and easy to navigate. Great job by the marketing dept.

I also second Matt's point about being able to go from the blog to the site.

Now it's time to do some work on the blog and update its look. :) The content is of course the most important thing, but it can't hurt to do a little refreshing.

I imagine a lot of people access the blog, and with it now so prominent on the Abasin website, I think it'll get even more traffic in the future.

Anonymous said...

Huge improvement with the website. What an evolution. Nice job A-Basin

Chris W. said...

I also like the new website and also chime in to support the blog-to-site link suggestion.

Another thing I think would be nice would be time-stamps when the web cams refresh. I don't know how complicated that would be, but sometimes I don't know how recent of an image I'm looking at, and it seems the sun is in the wrong part of the sky for it to be very current.

Alan Henceroth - COO and Vice President said...

We added a few links to the blog page so you can move back to the website. A time stamp on the webcams is a good idea. We have had a little trouble figuring that one out. Thanks for the feedback.

Andrew said...

I liked the "old" site and was used to it, but I agree with Geo. It is a nice change and will visit daily to check on A!
Keep up the great work Al

Unknown said...

I love the new website! It is very modern, and aesthetically pleasing! Cheers!

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