Friday, November 30, 2012

Upper Sundance Opens Saturday

Upper Sundance will open tomorrow, Saturday.  Dorse just put the finishing tiller pass on it and I skied it.  It was very good.  Only the upper half of Sundance will be open and it will not be full width.  Since the upper half will feed back into High Noon, we are considering it a "blue, more difficult" trail.  There is still no "green, easiest" trail available from Black Mountain Express.  I think you will enjoy this nice terrain addition.

First thing this morning I went to The Summit.  The snow and grooming was quite good.  I don't think anyone can complain about what is open.  The skiing out there is good.  Like all of you, I am looking forward to the big snow so we can ski the whole mountain. 


Anonymous said...

We're hoping for the best too! Hopefully our X-mas trip to Summit County will be more snowy than last year ... I have dreams of Pali and Zuma cornice and can only hope reality approximates that!

Anonymous said...

thanks for keeping us in the loop and doing such a great job with the limited resources