Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lenawee Day

Today was a very nice start to Upper Mountain skiing.  As planned, Lenawee Mountain Lift opened.  I did a couple of final checks about 8 this morning.  Good, good snow.  We will keep a couple of fan guns running for a couple more nights up there.  We want to widen a few spots.  The next snowmaking charge will be on Molly Hogan.  We are targeting late weekend to get that chairlift open.

Standing on the Summit at A-Basin is cool.


Anonymous said...

Hey I wanted to thank you and your first class snowmaking team and everyone up there for puttin in some serious work cuz mother nature hasnt done a damn thing to help you guys out and drop decent amount of pow! Like I said first class to maintain and continuously open more terrain hopefully she starts to cooperate and starts dumpin on all the resorts another season like last year will not be good for anyone.

Anonymous said...

Snow was pretty good up top on Saturday. Got a little crazy around noon when the top got crowded (especially in the narrow areas), but better snow than expected.