Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Snowmaking Is Alive and Well

Despite the rumor mill, snowmaking is alive and well at A-Basin.  We had several snow guns cranking overnight.  For the last several days we have been focusing our efforts on getting Molly Hogan open and widening Lenawee Face and Dercum's Gulch.  This weekend we will shift our energy to making snow on Sundance.

Our snowmaking is connected to streamflows.  As we divert water for snowmaking, we leave a flow in the stream that keeps the fish and other stream life alive and well.  Streamflows are lower this year than last, but we have still been able to be very productive with snowmaking.  So, if you happen to hear some of those bad rumors, you can ignore them.  While I wish we were making as much snow as we did last year, our snowmaking is doing just fine.

And Molly Hogan Chairlift and Trail will open Friday.


Anonymous said...

That widening is surely needed. You also need to expand the top area off the lift. That run in to the run is too dangerous and bottlenecks with that turn

Anonymous said...

I think we should conjure up our best snow dances to persuade the almighty Ullr to be generous in his giving.

Christian Stack said...

Thanks Alan for the updates and honesty. you guys are doing great with a bummer hand that ma nature us giving us. come on ullr!

Anonymous said...

Lenaweee is a total ice field. Reminds me of skiing out east. Definitely good times, but high risk. I skidded a good 50 yds today and loved every minute of it, but it was ridiculous....we need some snow.