Monday, March 31, 2014

8" New This Morning

8" new this morning made for some pretty good skiing.


Don Pruitt said...

It would really be helpful (difficult at times) if you could ID theses shots in some (any) way. Where (even remotely), Who, When. We love to get off vicariously on your (and others) shots to remember, imagine or plan trips at the Basin. I love your personal touch. It adds to the AB "feel' that makes it so unique.

Don Pruitt said...

Please: Where (even approx.), who, or when.

Anonymous said...

Al- that's what I love about A Basin- you embody the spirit and energy that makes the Legend so amazing. What other resort can you get a blog form the COO -It's the beach, the staff, the leadership, no one takes themselves too seriously and you feel like this is your home from the minute you hit the slopes. It's a special place and we appreciate all your hard work and communication