Monday, March 17, 2014

There Is A Good Wind Blowing

There was a good wind blowing this afternoon on the North Side. The Spine was getting really buffed out. Now it is snowing heavily down valley with a couple inches of snow on my deck already. I think Tuesday is going to be a day to get there early.

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Anonymous said...

My family came to A-basin our first time to Co. after reading amazing reviews. We were SO pleased with EVERYTHING about this wonderful place! The staff were SO SWEET, the skiing was FANTASTIC & we loved it so much that we came back (paying full price) and enrolled my 3 yr old in ski school, never thinking twice about trying another mtn. The second day was better than the 1st!! The ski instructor deserves so much praise! My son is very shy & attached at our hip. We watched as he worked patiently with Bentley and so gently. My son had the biggest smile on his face when we picked him up. It was unbelievable!! From the women in the office to the instructors, ski lift operators...the A-basin DEFINITELY gets an A++ from the Cook's. Can't WAIT TO COME BACK!!!!! Thanks again!!!