Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Monarch Snowcat Skiing

While I try to avoid talking about the "other guys" I can't help but write about the great day of snowcat skiing I had at Monarch today. A gang of friends met down there and soaked in some great skiing and a beautiful day. Our guides, Andy and Aaron, found us a bunch of great lines and did Monarch proud. If you haven't done this yet, be sure and put it on the list. It is one of those Colorado "must do" experiences."

Meanwhile back at The Basin, we had 4" new today and it looks like another storm is coming Saturday.  Spring is coming.


Heewhobroos Hughes said...

Nothing wrong with talking about the "other guys"..The Basin has an experience that can not be matched. I love the east wall, the beach and grilling out with friends while my young children ride the molly hogan. The experience is what sets it apart and my my kids favorite resort is the Basin. Only thing I need is a cell tower in the winter so I can take those "sick days"...

Julia said...

I love it when you talk about the "other guys." Reminds us that at heart we're all skiers. Love the Twitter interactions between the areas, in particular.

Monarch and The Basin are the areas I learned to ski at and got good at (respectively, before Mirkwood opened and gave Monarch some good hard lines) so I love when they intersect!