Tuesday, December 12, 2017

If It Isn't Snowing.........

We had to endure another stunning, stellar, breath-taking, Colorado bluebird day. If it isn't snowing, it might as well be like this. As much as I like these days, I am ready for some double digit snowfall.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Snowmaking Plan

Our snowmaking is directly related to the flow of the North Fork of the Snake River. We have to maintain a minimum flow and a few other requirements. The higher the streamflow, the more water we have for snowmaking. Interestingly, the lowest flows of the year occur January through March and are much lower than the flows we maintain while making snow.

This season has been a good one for snowmaking. We are allowed to divert water through December 31 each season . By the time we are finished in about three weeks, we will have made about 10-15% more snow than average. For this time of year, the stream still has a good flow. Our remaining snowmaking priorities include Norway, Treeline and High Divide Terrain Parks and The Void. The Void is the shortcut from Ramrod to the bottom of Pali just above Molly Hogan. Once those areas are complete, we will probably fatten up a few high traffic areas.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

High School Yearbook

Someone just shared this photo from Denver's Thomas Jefferson High School 1973 yearbook. Catching big air off the cabin in Cabin Glades back when there was a roof on it. I love the skis, long and skinny and held close with safety straps. Great picture.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Pallavicini Preparation

Here is a pretty good image of Pali including East Avenue, 1st Bowl, 2nd Bowl, 3rd Bowl and the top of The Spine. You can see there are lots of ski cuts. Less visible is the fact that lots of explosives have been used. What is new, is the vertical troughs in the snow put in by the Compaction / Disruption Roller. As more snow falls, the Snow Safety Team will continue to travel heavily in steeper areas impacting and testing the snow. Right now we are very well positioned to receive a good storm.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Summit / Zuma Cornice / Loafer Tour

Last night's snowfall was a very kind 4 inches. I did a walking and skiing tour around the Summit that involved a ski down Upper Loafer (and a hike back out) and a peek into West Zuma at Founders' Ridge. Beautiful. Montezuma Bowl is very white. The Loafer fences are fat. The Loafer dozing is outstanding. The rope is on Lazy J. Lenawee Parks, Norway and Cornice/West Wall were all open. The temperature made it up to the teens, the sky was a bright blue and the sun was warm. What a gorgeous day at The Basin.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Pushing Loafer

The cat drivers have started pushing out the drifts on the Loafer snowfences. When completed, they will have created a very nice groomer, just below the ridge top, that connects the Summit to Beaver Bowl.

Zuma Cornice and Loafer start from the same spot, but are two clearly separate trails. Loafer provides access to The Beavers and Zuma Cornice provides access to West Montezuma Bowl.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Drive Terminal Set

The final tower, the drive terminal, was set this morning. This photo gives a bit clearer image of how the lift is shaping up. That is the lift operator house on the left. The Lazy J has a speed of 325 feet per minute and a capacity of 1200 people per hour. The ride will be a little bit over 1 minute. For comparison, Lenawee Mountain Lift has a capacity of 1800 people per hour. That said, the Lazy J has the capacity is move 2/3 of the people unloading Lenawee over to Montezuma Bowl. By design, skiers and riders can unload Lenawee, slide forward, grab a hold of the rope and go right to Zuma.

There will be plenty of room to skate to Zuma if you like. Although, it will probably take you longer.

Lazy J

The brand of our new rope tow is Telecorde. The name of the lift is the "Lazy J." All four foundations have been installed. Three of the four towers have been installed. The fourth tower (drive terminal) should go up today. Next steps involve getting the electrician to connect all the wiring and to make sure all the buttons and switches work. Once that is done, the Leitner Poma crew will install the actual rope (critical element of a rope tow). Following that, we will work our way through the final testing and licensing process.