Monday, August 29, 2011

Leigh's Pictures from Golden

Snowmakers Are Busy

Came over the Pass yesterday and saw the crew setting up fan guns. They still have a lot of work to do this fall. Getting equipment ready and multiple tests on the system are still required. There might be one more vacation in there still. The objective is to be ready for that first cold snap in late September. Just a few more weeks.

......And before you ask, I don't know when we are opening yet.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

More Great Bike Racing

The bike racing just kept getting better. Yesterday I was on Swan Mountain Road as the riders came over. That place was crazy. Andy Schleck started a move right in front of us. The peloton followed going uphill at an unimagineable speed. Literally, it felt like a train passing. The only rider I could pick out was Levi. The 7th picture down is the peloton. I am sure you will notice that right above the peloton is Grays and Torreys and, of course, A-Basin. Breck did a great job with the finish and a lot of people enjoyed Big Head Todd and The Monsters. We ended up viewing the show from the center of the Riverwalk Center about 15 rows up. Very cool. Not many places in the world with this kind of FREE entertainment.

A-Basin's own Leigh Hierholzer was part of the organizing committee in Golden today. Went down there this morning and watched the riders start and pass through town a couple of times. I love watching these races on TV, they do not show how fast the guys are really going. Wicked fast.

Again, congrats to Levi Leipheimer. Brilliant racing. This event has to go over Loveland Pass next year. We could host one heck of a party.

Just To Get You Thinking

Friday, August 26, 2011

USA Pro Cycling Challenge

Years ago I got hooked watching the Tour de France. Needless to say, I was extremely excited a year ago when I heard Bill Ritter and Lance Armstrong announce there would be an international pro stage race coming to Colorado. Yesterday, Patio and I rode our bikes over Vail Pass to the finish area of the Vail Time Trial. All I can say is, WOW. The spectacle of the crowd is hard to explain. It starts by hanging out with with several thousand people all dressed in funny shoes and Lycra. Of course there are the gorilla suits, the guy in the Guiness bottle, the rubber chicken, and the three guys in blacks Speedos (the Speedo guys were both amusing and kind of annoying).

While the scene was fun and memorable, the heart and soul of the event was watching the riders from just a few feet away. It was special to see guys I have been watching on TV for years. ......And they were flying up that hill. Watching Cadel Evans, George Hincapie, the Schleck brothers, Ivan Basso, Christian VandeVelde, TJ Van Garderen, Tom Dainieson, and especially Levi Leipheimer storm past us was amazing. Last night in an interview, I heard Levi say he left nothing on the course. It sure looked that way. He appeared spent 500 meters from the finish. What a performance.

Tomorrow, Kay and I will be perched somewhere along Swan Mountain Road watching the race leaders and the Peloton spin by. After that we'll be off to Breck for the Big Head Todd concert. This is a great event for Summit County and Colorado. It was exciting to be a very small part of it.

As for the riders, you have a lot of fans at Arapahoe Basin. Thanks for a great show and a special congratulations to Levi. You guys need to ride over Loveland Pass next year.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Change in the Air?

I know it is supposed to be 98 degrees in Denver, but I can't help noticing a few changes today. It was dark when I woke up this morning. There was a light frost on the grass by the creek when I walked the dog. On the drive to The Basin, a few of the aspens had yellow leaves. Not necessarily big changes, just a hint. Definitely a hint of things to come.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Afternoon Shadows

Just went for an after work jog up to Black Mountain Lodge. The light this time of day is really cool. The mountain is still very green and the flowers are still in full bloom. The blue bells in the moist areas down low were impressive. From the deck at BML I spied about a dozen white, furry balls up on Little Lenawee Peak. I think the goats were also savoring a brilliant summer afternoon.

Mountain Clean-Up Day

Yesterday we had about 20 A-Basin employees scattered about the mountain for our Annual Mountain Clean-Up Day. It was nice for everyone to get out and about, enjoy a good walk from top to bottom, and clean the place up a bit. As always, we found the usual rusted keys, broken poles, and cell phone pieces. I lucked into finding 84 cents and from the trash I personally picked up, confirmed that PBR is the beverage of choice for A-Basin skiers and riders.

Friday, August 19, 2011

More Pali Photos

Drove to near the top of Pali each of the last two mornings. That is one steep road. Decided to walk the last few hundred feet. No surprise that the views were extraordinary. It is an amazing sort of green this summer. Slalom Slope is an idyllic, alpine tundra scene. Several mornings I have noticed a big mule deer buck wandering around Wrangler and Chisholm Trail.