Sunday, August 28, 2011

More Great Bike Racing

The bike racing just kept getting better. Yesterday I was on Swan Mountain Road as the riders came over. That place was crazy. Andy Schleck started a move right in front of us. The peloton followed going uphill at an unimagineable speed. Literally, it felt like a train passing. The only rider I could pick out was Levi. The 7th picture down is the peloton. I am sure you will notice that right above the peloton is Grays and Torreys and, of course, A-Basin. Breck did a great job with the finish and a lot of people enjoyed Big Head Todd and The Monsters. We ended up viewing the show from the center of the Riverwalk Center about 15 rows up. Very cool. Not many places in the world with this kind of FREE entertainment.

A-Basin's own Leigh Hierholzer was part of the organizing committee in Golden today. Went down there this morning and watched the riders start and pass through town a couple of times. I love watching these races on TV, they do not show how fast the guys are really going. Wicked fast.

Again, congrats to Levi Leipheimer. Brilliant racing. This event has to go over Loveland Pass next year. We could host one heck of a party.