Monday, August 25, 2008

Summer at A-Basin

Hello Everyone. It has been quite a summer at Arapahoe Basin. First it was warm and dry, then it was grey and rainy, and finally last Saturday we had several inches of snow on the Summit. I am not sure if that was the last storm of last season or the first storm of this season. Anyway, that August white stuff lets us know it is time to start getting ready. I want to personally thank each and everyone one of you that came and experienced Montezuma Bowl last winter. It was certainly the biggest and most exciting project we have taken on.

Welcome to our new website. There are many e-improvements and I hope you will find it easier to navigate and loaded with more of the information you need. Let me know what you think!

New Arapahoe Basin features for the 2008/09 season include:

-2,000 square foot deck on the South Side of Black Mountain Lodge with great views and that classic Arapahoe Basin scene.
-Expansion of Arapahoe Sports in the A-Frame providing more room and more great Arapahoe Basin “stuff”.
-Snowmaking on Sundance making the early season beginner skiing and riding better sooner.
-Glading Eureka in Montezuma Bowl for better skiing and riding.
-500 additional feet of snowfences in Montezuma Bowl to better catch and manage snow.

Of course the biggest news for this summer is our parking and tunnel expansion. There will be nearly 300 more spaces this year than last. Some of it will be quite different for you old timers. High Noon, Last Chance, and the Highway Lots are all connected now and collectively call Upper Parking. The access to all of the Upper Parking will be through the old entrance to Last Chance. What had been the entrance to High Noon is now the Exit for the Upper Parking. This change not only helps us control traffic better, but it will help clear the severe congestion that happened around the entrance to High Noon.

Technically, our most challenging project is the new pedestrian tunnel connecting High Noon Lot to the Base Area. All of the pedestrian traffic that used to be on Highway 6 in this area should be eliminated. Those of you that head for the A-Frame upon arrival at the ski area will find parking in High Noon to be the preferred alternative. It will be a short, easy walk “UNDER THE HIGHWAY”. This is going to be cool.

The last big piece to this puzzle is our new shuttle buses. We have ordered two 30 person four wheel drive shuttle vehicles to get people from outer parking areas into the base area in a hurry. Attached is a map showing how the new parking, tunnel, and shuttles will work.

No doubt parking was a pain for all of us last year. I think these changes will help everyone. We are deeply committed to 1) providing enough parking for our guests, 2) creating a system that is easy to use, 3) Dramatically reducing problems on Highway 6, and 4) and most importantly, getting pedestrians off the highway.

Last year was great. I think this year will be even better. I look forward to getting the place open in a couple of months and seeing old friends. See you soon.

Here are some image of the new deck at Black Mountain Lodge: