Saturday, March 20, 2010

Winter or Spring?

After a very warm week and a couple of inches of snow, the weather has turned back to winter. Today was crisp and beautiful and a little on the chilly side. Peole were still having fun and the East Wall drew a few takers. Enjoy today's photos.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

2010-11 Season Passes

2010-11 Season Passes will be on sale beginning April 1 online and at the season pass office. These passes will be valid for the remainder of this season as well as all of next season. Although we have not announced pricing yet, I think people will be very happy with the deals. Including 2+ months this season and nearly 8 months next season, they might be the deal of the century. Stay tuned to the website for pricing and details.

East Wall is Open

The Ski Patrol opened the East Wall yesterday. Reports are saying more powdery winter snow on the southern portion and a bit spring affected on the northern end. The forecast for the next 48 hours looks great for snow. It appears to be setting up nicely for a great spring on the Wall. Keep your eyes peeled for avalanche debris, rocks, and other obstacles.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The East Wall

You gotta' be wondering when the East Wall is going to open. I think the answer is soon. All the recent snowfall has been a great help. If you have been up at the ski area, you have noticed the ski patrol has been very busy. Their avalanche mitigation efforts have produced some notable results with avalanche debris in virtually every slide path. That is a good step in our journey to opening the East Wall. Snow is in the forecast all week. Whenever skies do really clear, we will make an evaluation of both snow conditions and avalanche concerns. I suspect that if the forecast comes through in the coming days, you will get a chance to ski the Wall very soon. Keep those fingers crossed.

Thanks to all the folks that came up to last week's "Dinner in the Dolomites" Full Moon Snowshoe Dinner at Black Mountain Lodge. Great fun was had by all. Chef Rybak may have outdone himself. Leon Littlebird kept the room going the with his flute, guitar, and singing. Thanks also to those of you that have made reservations for "Under a Fuji Full Moon" and "An Evening in the French Alps." Those two dinners are sold out already. I look forward to seeing some of you there.

The skiing has really come around. I spent most of my day off yesterday skiing Pali. The snow was outstanding and it was a perfect day. Great to see all those smiling faces. Although it was a fairly busy day, I never waited in the lift line for more than a couple minutes. One of the best things about adding Montezuma Bowl has been the way skier traffic is spread over such a bigger area. The place rarely feelss crowded.