Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Photos: Wildflower Dinner

Below are just a few photos we took at our Wildflower Dinner last Friday night. We still have two more Summer Events - Brunch at Black Mountain Logde, August 26th and a Clam Bake on September 8.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Wildflower Dinner

We still have a few spots left for Friday night's Wildflower Dinner at Black Mountain Lodge.  We have another nice downpour going on right now.  Even some sort of hail / slush / gaupel things falling down.  We had nice rain both Saturday and Sunday also.  It is really starting to get wet around here.  Someone even spotted a mushroom.  Whoa.  The flowers are just awesome. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Snow Fences

 As we all know, last season's weather was not absolutely fantastic for skiing and riding at The Basin.  The low snowfall and high winds really showed us some weaknesses in our snow fencing/farming/management plan.  As a result, we are adding 700 linear feet of new permanent snowfences.  600' will be installed in Montezuma Bow and 100' will be installed at the top of Lenawee Face.  When blowing snow runs into a snowfence, snow is deposited on the leeward side of that fence. We are able to manage those drifts with snowcats and spread and keep snow in places skiers and riders want to have fun.  These fences should really improve the snow cover and retention on Larkspur, Columbine, Lenawee Face, and Humbug.  Kudos to the Trail Crew for their hard work.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

You Can Watch Things Grow

That monsoon was tremendous for us.  I know there has been some flooding elsewhere in the state.  We had a series of good rain events.  The grass, brush, and flowers have virtually exploded.  The place looks incredible. The recent change and growth in the vegetation is striking.  With the Argentine North Fork Trail in such good shape and the flowers popping out, I think the Wildflower Dinner and Hike july 20 will be quite spectacular.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Finally, The Monsoon

The monsoon has finally arrived.  We have a pretty good soaker going on right now. This is sure going to be good for the grasses, the flowers, the brush, the trees, the streams, and the animals.  I love it.  I am one of those freaks that gets excited when it rains.  The more, the better.  I hope it is as widespread as forecast.  Way cool.

Wildflower Dinner and Yoga

We have had a few small rain events now.  It has been just enough moisture to green things up and get the flowers to pop out.  Came down the Argentine North Fork Trail yesterday and had a nice face to face 30 second encounter with a young mule deer buck.

OK, we have a few more events on the horizon. 

Two weeks from today, Friday, July 20, Chef Rybak will be hosting the Wildflower Dinner and Hike.  Featuring Colorado cuisine, diners can either ride the chairlift or hike up and/or down for the Black Mountain Lodge feast.  This will be the perfect time to enjoy that incredible late day light on Lenawee and Black Mountains.   

The following week, Thursday July 26, we will be hosting our first Yoga on the Mountain event.  Hike to Black Mountain Lodge, do yoga on the deck with local instructor Allison Simson, enjoy a Chef Rybak lunch, and hike the Argentine North Trail to the bottom.  A nap might be in order for the afternoon.

We are expecting a good turnout for both of these events so make your reservation soon.  For all the details and to sign up, check our website.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Just Another Basin Day

Well, today was really fun.  About 70 people participated in the first Arapahoe Basin Trail Run.  I think we will come up with a better next year.  Twas a big success.  Fun was had by all.  50 people ran in the Summit Division with the rest in the Midway Dvision.  We had quite the range of individuals.  The top Summit racers were incredibly fast completing that loop in about 45 minutes (both male and female).  There were all levels of particpants including some walkers.  It was just cool.  We had beautiful day.  High Five played their trademark sounds and had the crowd moving.  And you know about my favorite, BML BBQ.  From the deck people watched mountain goats on the East Wall and an elk in Lenawee Parkes.  It was just another Basin Day, which is almost always awesome.  Thanks for coming.