Sunday, July 1, 2012

Just Another Basin Day

Well, today was really fun.  About 70 people participated in the first Arapahoe Basin Trail Run.  I think we will come up with a better next year.  Twas a big success.  Fun was had by all.  50 people ran in the Summit Division with the rest in the Midway Dvision.  We had quite the range of individuals.  The top Summit racers were incredibly fast completing that loop in about 45 minutes (both male and female).  There were all levels of particpants including some walkers.  It was just cool.  We had beautiful day.  High Five played their trademark sounds and had the crowd moving.  And you know about my favorite, BML BBQ.  From the deck people watched mountain goats on the East Wall and an elk in Lenawee Parkes.  It was just another Basin Day, which is almost always awesome.  Thanks for coming.